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Flag Stone
Flat Rocks & Bolders
Retaining Wall Stone
Soils & Sand

Flag Stone

Canadian Buff Flagstone

Green River Flagstone

Green Slate Flagstone

Lilac Extra Large Flagstone

Midnight Blue Flagstone

Mountain Mist Flagstone

Ohio Blue Flagstone

Onoway Flagstone

Penn Bluestone Steps Outcropping

Plum Slate Flagstone

Pocono Green Extra Large Flagstone

Red Flagstone

Sandstone Flag

Tumble Blue Flagstone

Flat Rocks & Bolders

Armour Boulder

Armour Outcropping

Chilton Outcropping

Honeycomb Outcropping

Michigan Boulders

Onoway Outcropping

Penn Fieldstone Large Outcropping

Pocono Green Steps Outcropping

Rainbow Boulders Pink Dolomite

Sandstone Outcropping

Soo Lock Rock Outcropping


Black Enhanced

Dark Brown Enhanced

Gold Enhanced

Light Brown Enhanced


Premium Cedar

Premium Hardwood

Red Enhanced

Wood Chips

Retaining Wall Stone



Ohio Blue Steppers Wallstone

Onoway Steppers Wallstone

Onoway Drywall

Penn Medium Fieldstone Wallstone

Sandstone Assorted Wallstone

Windsor Wall

Soils & Sand

Beach Sand

Chips 'N' Dust

Crushed Concrete

Premium Topsoil Pro-grass Blend

Screened Topsoil


1-2 Inch Washed Stone

1 Inch Crushed Stone

2-3 Inch Washed Stone

3-6 Inch Cobblestone

Chocolate Chip Decorative Stone

Decorative Bluestone

Large Meremac Decorative Stone

Pea Stone

Rainbow Decorative Stone

Red Lava Rock Decorative Stone

Slate Scape Decorative Stone

Small Meremac Decorative Stone

Spanish Sunrise Decorative Stone

Spanish Tile Decorative Stone

Stone Bark Decorative Stone

Western Sunrise Decorative Stone

White Marble

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